What happens to people left behind? What happens in a space consisting solely of architectural ruins overrun with massive sand dunes? Our project, in its simplest form, aims to explore the relationship between environment and personal development. Focused through the lens of fashion.

This is where the simplicity ends.
Imagine that somewhere in a Namibian ghost town (which once was bustling with diamond excavations), resides an unlikely small group of inhabitants. Sand people.

People who do not seek to change their surroundings, but instead grow out of and are informed by them. Using a language of fashion, we created a story documenting the ordinary happenings of these extraordinary people.
A fictional world inspired entirely by aesthetic appeal and solitude. Because style is the ultimate indicator of a person’s background, the most obvious difference about this ‘race’ is their appearance. By exaggerating the visual oddities in this scenario, with truly innovative fashion, we begin to make an exploration into the story of an individual’s surface.

We as a team are uninterested in developing another fashion editorial that is out of sync with the space around it, or that does not aim to develop an idea past showcasing the latest trend.

Therefore, we desired the fashion to be unearthly, raw, human, extreme, and NEW.

We used pieces that are as surreal as the very space itself. The colors used are always complimentary to the surroundings and do not disrupt the even flow of the terrain. The inhabits are wearing pieces that at times almost render them invisible in this setting, but that are also extreme in their shaping of the body.

As though the body has been physically altered into this hyper world of imagination and function.

Aside from shooting a fashion editorial (which we will push to have run in a fitting publication), we have also shot with 16mm and 8mm film, to construct an experimental Short that more vividly follows the actual lives of the characters.