Sand People – the works

These are the stunning works of Sand People, a shoot that was realized by Andreas Waldschuetz and Adia Trischler with their devoted team in Kolmanskop, Namibia in 2009.


The Opening of Sand People | Vienna

Well, it was a grand evening! Thanks to all those who came to the opening of Sand People on June 14th. You made the night! We had a lot of fun and most of all, it was absolutely amazing to see Sand People up on the walls and to receive a wave of positive anticipation [...]


Sand People Film Trailer

When Andreas Waldschuetz and Adia Trischler worked out the concept for the Shoot in Namibia, it became evident that moving images were vital to capturing the story of the Sand People. Since Andreas has a strong background in film making, it was clear that a film would have to be produced in addition to the [...]


Sand People

Sand People will soon be showing as a multimedia exhibition during the 10 Festival for Fashion & Photography in Vienna, Austria. Please stay tuned for news coming your way. If you’re interested in a personal invite for the opening on June 14th 2010, please sign up for our Newsletter.



Sand People was shot in the Namibian ghost town Kolmanskop, just a few kilometres inland from the port town of Lüderitz. The company town was developed after the discovery of diamonds in the area in 1908, to provide shelter for De Beers’ workers from the harsh environment of the Namibian Desert. The town was named [...]


Thanks to the great team

The entire project could not have been done without the help of a fabulous team! We would like to thank Adia Trischler: mum, model and a fantastic stylist who chose the perfect outfits for Carmen and Jeremy. With the help of gifted Make-Up Artist Steffi Lamm and the master of crazy hair-styles Patrick Glatthaar, our [...]